Welcome Rev. Roger Bertschausen!

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce Rev. Roger Bertschausen as our next Senior Minister, starting on August 8th. His ministry with us will be developmental – meaning he will be here for a limited duration (typically four to seven years).

Rev. Roger was our Developmental Ministry search team’s far-and-away first choice. He brings deep experience to this role, including serving in transitional ministries in large congregations in Wisconsin and Minnesota. From talking to Roger, and to those who know his work, the team noted the following strengths:

  • A mission-driven leader
  • An effective pastoral presence
  • A collaborative and positive staff leader
  • A strong track record of financial leadership
  • A minister who centers an Anti- Oppression/Anti-Racism focus
  • A non-anxious presence in the congregation
  • A governance expert
  • A minister who uplifts the strengths of the congregation he serves

Rev. Roger is excited to get started at what he calls our “flagship church.” He also invites the UTUUC community to get to know him better by visiting this website.

We thank the Developmental Search team of Matthew Bruce, Aimee Conrad, Ed McDevitt and Sandy Meyer for their careful and deliberative attention to this process.