unity temple soul connections

Soul Connections Program

Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation engages in a monthly theme-based program, in which we explore one theme in depth through worship, music, newsletter reflections and in small groups called Soul Connections.

Soul Connections groups provide an opportunity that invites both newer and longer-term Unitarian Universalists into a deeper reflection of their lives and beliefs. In addition, they create a small circle with which to build community and participate in a larger congregational conversation.

For information on how to sign up, email Rev. Emily Gage at egage@unitytemple.org.

How do the Soul Connections groups connect to the theme?

Each month, we have a set of materials developed around a particular theme; the materials include a reflection from one of the ministers, quotes, movies, books, a spiritual exercise, questions to ponder on that particular theme, or a concrete way of experiencing the theme.

What is the format of Soul Connections groups?

The monthly meetings generally last two hours, and consist of the following elements: opening/chalice lighting, brief check-in, discussion of the spiritual exercise, discussion of “questions to wrestle with,” check out, and closing. Each group consists of 8-12 people.

How are Soul Connections groups formed?

Email your interest to soulconnections@unitytemple.org. The Soul Connections team will place participants in a group. Soul Connections groups begin in October and March and each meet for 12 months. Occasionally, there are openings at other times. We ask each participant to commit to showing up regularly and for the 12-month duration.

Have more questions about Soul Connections or theme-based ministry?

You are welcome to contact Rev. Emily Gage at egage@unitytemple.org or 708-848.6225 x103.