Weekend retreats offer a special opportunity for members and friends of the congregation to get away, build connections, share their talents and have fun together.

All Congregation Retreat

This retreat is a multigenerational weekend of fun outdoor activities, nature walks, campfires, games, workshops, discussion groups, and quiet reflection time in mid-late October. Contact for more information.

Men’s Retreat

This retreat offers topical discussions, interactions and workshops and is held in January. The event is open to all who identify as male and includes a nature walk, drumming and plenty of fellowship. Contact for more information.

Women’s Retreat

This weekend retreat is held every February and consists of inspiring gatherings and fun activities for all who identify as female in our community to learn, connect, and renew their spirit. Contact for more information.

Mindful Community

The Mindful Reflection Community offers a fall 2 night silent retreat at Camp Duncan in Ingleside, IL and will begin offering various forms and durations of silent retreats both online and in person. All events are open to all who are interested in mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism from a Unitarian Universalist perspective. If tuition is charged, some scholarships will be available. For additional information contact us at