Pastoral Care

We are committed to providing care to our members throughout their lives. We do this by meeting and accepting you wherever you are in your life and spiritual journey, by helping you to discover and make meaning from your life events, by cherishing and enriching our understanding of the human journey and each other, by experiencing and supporting you through major milestones, celebrations and transitions, as well as providing you support and care in times of need.

Our ministers are available to provide counsel, care, support and guidance to members in need. If you would like to speak with one of our ministers, please contact them directly:

Rev. Emily Gage, Associate Minister

708.848.6225 x103 / egage@unitytemple.org

Caring Ministry

Life is hard sometimes. We experience sickness, job loss, broken hearts and broken bodies. Your faith community is here to support you through those difficult times. Whether you need a listening ear, a helping hand, or the support of a cadre of congregants with similar experiences, the Caring Ministry is here for you with ministries of being, doing and connecting.

Ministry of Being : Spiritual Care Team

If you would like a compassionate ear when facing troubling circumstances, trained, commissioned members of the Spiritual Care Team are available to meet with you. When shadows fall on the path of life, you need not walk alone. The team can be reached at spiritualcare@unitytemple.org.

Ministry of Doing : Caring Committee

When you need a helping hand, the Caring Committee arranges for meals and other practical assistance for those in need of help due to illness and other life limitations. Contact caring@unitytemple.org if you or someone you know is in need of support. 

Caring resources are always needed. To find out more about how you can help provide a meal, donate homemade soup, join a visitor team, serve as a volunteer at Celebration of Life services, and more contact caring@unitytemple.org. If you are a member and would to submit a care request for you and your family, please click the button below and fill out our online member care request form. A member of the Caring Committee will be in touch with you.

Ministry of Connecting : Peer Support Groups

Our peer support groups are regular gatherings of UTUUC congregants who have shared lived experiences. Usually once each month, these individuals come together, overseen by a trained peer support facilitator, to talk with one another about their experiences, struggles and challenges. Learn about our current peer support groups here.