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Mission & Values

Welcoming All
Inspiring Compassion
Nurturing Wonder
Serving Community

Here at Unity Temple we call people to live out our faith but this does not mean we share the same political or partisan perspective. May we remind one another to honor our own life experience in the development of our unique perspective while honoring that of others. The core of being a religious liberal is remaining open to and respectful of a pluralism of theological positions and political stances. As Unitarian Universalists, we affirm the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large while also knowing that endorsements or support of particular candidates cannot be part of our congregational process.

Our Values

Connection + Transformation + Justice + Acceptance

Our Relational Covenant

This covenant is our promise to each other. We adopt it to build a welcoming, loving, healthy, and trusting congregation. We are also guided by our aspirational covenant that, “love is the doctrine of this congregation.” We hereby covenant to:

 Embrace our congregational mission by

  • Being welcoming, kind, and compassionate.
  • Recognizing that each of us is on a unique spiritual journey.
  • Committing to justice, equity, diversity, and belonging.
  • Inviting all to engage in the work of the congregation.

 Communicate with respect and compassion by

  • Acknowledging differences in perceptions, spiritual beliefs, religious practices, and life experiences.
  • Expressing our disagreements in a healthy way.
  • Listening deeply with curiosity and the goal of understanding.
  • Respecting the need for confidentiality when appropriate, while avoiding a culture of secrecy.

Resolve disputes and misunderstandings by

  • Questioning our own assumptions and recognizing our limitations.
  • Asking for help when it is needed.
  • Correcting misunderstandings using open and respectful conversation.
  • Addressing conflict in a way that builds positive community.
  • Using open dialog rather than gossip to discuss congregational affairs.
  • Apologizing to those we have harmed by our words or actions.
  • Accepting apologies with grace.

 Acknowledge and accept responsibility for good stewardship by

  • Committing our time, our talent, and our money in support of the work of the congregation.
  • Striving to be good stewards of all the congregation’s resources — its people, property, and finances.

So do we solemnly covenant. We know that despite our best intentions, we will not always live up to it. When we don’t, we will work to return to right relationship. The shared commitment represented by this document will evolve over time as we continue together in community.

Approved at a congregational meeting in April 2023

Our Goals

Welcoming All

  • We foster a culture of radical hospitality.
  • We build relationships with people across boundaries of race, class, and other identities that divide us.

Inspiring Compassion

  • We cultivate caring communities for one another.
  • We bear witness to love and pain in the world, and respond, individually and collectively, with acts of compassion.

Nurturing Wonder

  • We nurture and celebrate a sense of wonder within everyone.
  • We create opportunities for spiritual deepening, questioning and growth.

Serving Community

  • We act in partnership for justice.
  • We live our faith in service.