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Ministerial Transition

Throughout mid-late September, the Transition Team and Rev. Cooley will be hosting a series of small group meetings to meet and talk and get to know each other. Anyone who has not already met with Rev. Cooley in a one-on-one-meeting is invited to sign up for one of these small group meetings. Right now, they are all on zoom (with the exception of the last date, which we are hopeful can be done in person). If these all fill up, we will add more dates/times.

We know the technology to sign up for these meetings might be confusing to some folks. The Transition Team invites you to email or call the church at 708.848.6225, extension 101 if you need assistance.

Ministerial Transition Updates

Marsha Borders, Glenn Brewer, Vera Dowell, Fran Knechel and Ian Morrison are the new Transition Team that has been appointed by the Board and represents both the breadth and depth of UTUUC experience. They will be assisting our Interim Senior Minister, the Rev. Dawn Cooley during the next two years. Right now, they are focusing on connecting Rev. Dawn with staff and lay leadership in the congregation, and learning together what it means to be on this team.

Below please find archived messages from the Board regarding the current transition.

December 12, 2021
August 1, 2021
July 1, 2021

June 1, 2021
May 20, 2021
May 10, 2021
May 6, 2021
April 29, 2021
April 23, 2021
April 6, 2021

Interim Minister

Interim Ministers have a specific skill set. They have a short-term goal of assisting a congregation with moving toward a settled minister. Interim Ministers are engaged as close to immediately after a settled minister leaves, necessitating a short timeline. For these reasons, the Interim is hired by the Board of Trustees of a given Congregation, and is not called by the Congregation. This is codified in the Unity Temple ByLaws, found here and is UUA Policy.

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce Reverend Dawn S. Cooley has joined UTUUC as our Interim Minister as of August 1, 2021. We expect Rev. Cooley to be with us for two years. Learn more about Rev. Cooley here.