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Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation relies on the generous financial support of individual donors, its members and our friends.

To pledge your financial commitment to UTUUC for 2024, please fill out our online pledge form.

Members of the congregation can donate using Realm Donate Button

Visitors and friends can donate using Realm Donate Button

You can also donate by texting 73256 and put in the message UTUUC $___ (the dollar sign ($) followed by your donation amount).

Please note, restricted non-major donations will go towards all of the operational expenses of the congregation. We accept unrestricted donations in honor of a particular program, but not to fund it.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving offers a variety of meaningful ways to support our congregation through charitable gifts. Planned gifts can be made by anybody – young and old, working or retired. These commitments are made today but they support the future needs of Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

Advantages of Planned Giving

Some planned gifts provide immediate income tax advantages and possible future savings on estate taxes. Certain gifts provide income to yourself and a family member over time while supporting UTUUC in the future.

Gifts to Consider

  1. Retirement Plan Assets:  UTUUC may accept gifts of retirement plan assets. A donor may withdraw assets from his or her retirement plan and donate such assets to the Congregation. In addition, the Congregation encourages donors to consider designating UTUUC as the beneficiary of their retirement plans.
  2. Gifts in Trust:  UTUUC may accept gifts in trust. A donor may wish to make gifts via a revocable or living trust or via an irrevocable trust such as a Charitable Remainder Trust or a Charitable Lead Trust.
  3. Bequests:  A donor may designate UTUUC as a beneficiary of his or her Will or Living Trust. In so doing, the donor may designate UTUUC as a beneficiary of the donor’s estate upon the donor’s death or at some future date, such as the death of a beneficiary.
  4. Remainder Interests in Property: UTUUC may accept a gift of a remainder interest in property, including gifts of remainder interests in a personal residence, farm or vacation property.
  5. Bargain Sales: UTUUC may enter into a bargain sale arrangement in instances in which the bargain sale furthers the mission and values of the Congregation. A bargain sale is a sale of property to the Congregation for an amount less than the property’s current fair market value.

Because tax benefits vary with your specific circumstances, we advise consulting with an attorney, accountant, and/or your financial advisor.

Please consider how you can support UTUUC with a planned gift that is suitable to your needs and charitable objectives.

You can obtain more information about planned gifts by contacting the Planned Giving Team at plannedgiving@unitytemple.org.

Download the UTUUC Gift Acceptance Policy

Unity Temple Gives

We are committed to living lives of generosity – giving generously of our time and resources to advance our collective vision for the world. One way we do this is by donating half of the money we receive during our Sunday morning collections with non-profit organizations that embody our Unitarian Universalist values.

​Read a full list of 2022 recipients.

To contribute to Unity Temple’s Sunday collection, please text 73256 with the message UTUUC $____ (dollar sign followed by your donation amount), and select “Offering”. You may also give via Realm or Paypal, or send a check, payable to Unity Temple, noting the weekly recipient on the memo line, to 875 Lake St., Oak Park, 60301, and we will send a collective check on your behalf. Thank you for your generous support!