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Board of Trustees

Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees. Board members are elected each year for three-year terms in office and assume specific responsibilities for the duration of their terms. The Interim Senior Minister, Associate Minister, Director of Finance and Administration, and the Treasurer serve as ex-officio members of the Board of Trustees.

Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 8pm. The Board can be contacted by e-mail at The president of the Board of Trustees can be contacted by e-mail at Meeting minutes from previous years are available to members by contacting

2024 Board Members

Aimee Conrad, President (she/her)

I have been a member of the Congregation since 2014, along with my spouse Ron Dubreuil and our child LiZhong Dubreuil. I’ve served on the Celebration of Life Committee, the Religious Education Committee and as an RE teacher. I am an elementary school teacher, and I hope to help us reconcile and rebuild our congregation during this time of change, and to help us better connect our words with our actions. I will bring the ability to listen deeply and experience in evaluating disparate stakeholder needs to my service as Trustee. I want to help bring people back together deliberately and intentionally, and to explore how we can best become a congregation that truly is “Welcoming All.”

Matthew Bruce, Vice President (he/him)

I live in Oak Park’s Longfellow neighborhood with my wife Lindsay and our children, Charlie and Olivia. We’ve been coming to Unity Temple since 2017 and definitely feel like it’s “home.” I’ve enjoyed teaching RE, Lindsay and the kids are very active singers and we all love the congregation’s Fall Retreat.

I am a lifelong UU, practically raised in the church because my mother was the Director of Religious Education at our Unitarian Society of New Haven, Conn. Many of my fondest childhood memories, and the most influential people in my life have come from our UU faith community.

Professionally, I am privileged to work at the intersection of philanthropy and workforce development. I lead a collaboration of foundations that support workforce training and worker rights. Something you might not know about me is that I was a Middle East Studies major, and studied in Cairo. I still have a deep affection for Muslim and Arab culture.

Adam Gill, Vice President (he/him)

I have been a member of the congregation since 2011, along with my spouse and our child Matthew. I have been involved with the youth Religious Education program and Annual Fund Drive. Currently, I provide pro bono legal services with legal matters related to the congregations’ properties. I am a partner at a Chicago area law firm specializing in construction law and litigation. I am looking forward to ensuring that the Board implements the requests of the congregation and protects its interests and thinks that it is important for everyone’s opinions to be given consideration. Top of mind for me is how the Board handles issues and problems effectively and efficiently, addressing the financial stability of UTUUC, and the future Ministerial Search.

Erin Mackinney, Secretary (she/her)

I became a member of the congregation in 2015. I volunteer for UU Prison Ministry of Illinois (UUPMI) and am a long-time member of the UTUUC coed softball team. I am a Professor of Bilingual & ESL (English as a Second Language) Education at Roosevelt University, serve with the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, and bring my skills of grant writing, budgeting, and previous non-profit board experience. For me, important board initiatives include diversifying our membership with regard to different racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, and generational backgrounds, as well as collaboration with the congregation to welcome a Developmental Minister to UTUUC.

Beth Martell, Treasurer–ex officio non voting member (she/her)

I am a third generation Unitarian Universalist. When I was young, we attended the Dupage UU Church in Naperville and then the Stamford UU Church when we moved to Connecticut. My mother is a UU minister and she was ordained when I was in high school. It was in the Stamford Church: where the lectern said “God is Love” and that has always stuck with me; we sang Spirit of Life every week and I was thrilled when we added it to our weekly routine; and where I first saw my mom wear her fancy blue clerical robes and heard her preach an outstanding sermon. She was a District Executive in two different districts (ultimately retiring as a Regional Lead in the West) so I’ve always been aware of what it takes to “run a church” and I appreciate the complexities and opportunities that exist in an organization such as ours.

My husband (Jeremy), daughter (Abby), and I began attending UTUUC in January 2020, just in time for the shut down in March.  I welcome the opportunity to serve as our Treasurer.  I believe that how we approach our use of resources says a lot about who we are as a congregation.  I think we have a lot of opportunities and strategizing about how to make our vision become a reality is very exciting.  

Natasha Diaz (she/her)

My spouse, Andrew Falth, and I have been members of the congregation since 2013. We have three children: Hans, Frankie, and Wyatt. I have been involved with Sunday Service, the Religious Education Program, Family Retreat, and organizing other various congregational events. I am a Family Physician who feels passionate about creating direct relationships between doctors and patients and providing affordable care. Because of this passion, I have started a practice that follows a “Direct Primary Care” model. I also run a growing property investment business. I am grateful and humbled to be given the opportunity to serve the congregation. I hope to contribute to the Board by engaging members in service positions in line with the congregation’s mission, values, and goals, and to grow a diverse and actively participating membership.

Teresa Heit-Murray (she/her)

Seeing more than one perspective was a gift of my upbringing in both the Catholic and Baptist religions. I experienced first hand how we are connected in love, family, music, nature and community even if we are from different backgrounds. I continue to look for ways to unite the community. It is a practice that led myself and my husband, Seán, to join Unity Temple in 2006 where all are welcome. This was shortly before we adopted our daughter, Ella which made us a more diverse family. You may not know that I was an exhibition designer at the Field Museum of Natural History. I collaborated in the U.S. and abroad with numerous teams of talented individuals on exhibitions around the world. Being creative and interested in nature is still with me.

At Unity Temple, I have helped lead services and other celebrations. I am one of the leaders of Soul Connections, Mindful Reflections, Earth Centered Group, Women’s Connections, UT family Retreat and formerly an R.E. teacher for 9 years. I currently teach yoga for the Park District of Oak Park, local athletic businesses and studios. I work with yoga therapeutically and to help foster a healthy community. I volunteer in Oak Park in various capacities at the schools and was a Design Commissioner of the Village. As a board member at Unity Temple, I will have another opportunity to work toward unity as I collaborate with the congregation, leadership and staff to foster understanding and community.

Meg Herman (she/her)

“To serve, bring light into the world, every day.”

Charles Hoch (he/him)

I taught urban planning at UIC for 36 years. I studied how plans work. Students taught me how to teach. Spouse Susan and daughter Gina inspired love at home. Thousands of university committee meetings taught me patience. Professional and civic board experience imprinted prudence. Intellectual inquiry taught me the pleasure of a well-crafted argument and the wisdom of good compromise.

At Unity Temple, Jay Deacon shows me how universalism got gay. Owl brings sex to light. The choir fuels sonic solidarity. Alan Taylor challenges me to act for justice. Welcoming all means welcoming each one at a time. Pursuing pledges reveals many do not. Soul connections bind us closer as a UU community. Nurturing my inner Emily Gage I learn how to compose a sermon!

Looking forward to collaborating with Roger and board members to strengthen RE, improve revenue, enrich community engagement, foster a loving community, and maybe do some planning for our future.

Sandy Meyer (she/her)

I am a long-time member of UTUUC (since the merger in 1994), and was previously a member of Beacon Unitarian. I’ve participated in congregational life and leadership in many ways, from Religious Education to Choir, to Beloved Conversations, and in many other groups and events. I co-led the Auction Committee for six years and Annual Fund Drive for 3 years. I have served on numerous committees, including Membership, Worship, Facilities, Memorial Planning, and most recently on the 8th Principle Committee.

I am retired from full-time work as an Advanced Practice Nurse and have my own family therapy practice. I’ve attended General Assembly for 14 years as a member and a delegate. I  bring my experience to the work of healing and regrowing our congregation, reshaping  how we operate, and moving toward living our best selves.

Constitution and ByLaws

The Board is governed by a Constitution and Bylaws. 

Board Nomination Process

Each year, the Nominating Committee seeks candidates to serve on the Board of Trustees. The Nominating Committee selects a slate of three individuals to serve 3-year terms. To apply, an individual must be a member of UTUUC for at least one year.

The Nominating Committee reviews applications and interviews interested members. Board candidates are presented by the Nominating Committee to the congregation at the Annual Meeting in December, where members may vote on candidates. You can access an application form below​.

2023-24 Nominating Committee: Nina Brewer-Davis (chair), Amanda Kaleta-Kott (board liaison), Eric Wise