Quiet Shift

Quiet Shift

In our recent history, summer has been both a quieter time and a time of change for Unity  Temple. Quieter because worship attendance tends to slow down, we shift to all-ages  programming for our young people, and there are fewer regular meetings. Last summer, we weathered lots of changes–a ministerial transition (both ends), the staff moving back into our offices after being remote, and working towards live-streaming and then multi-platform services. In years past, it was summer when we moved to and from United Lutheran around the restoration process, or first moved into 1019. So maybe quieter only in some ways. 

This summer has a similar feel. The departure of three staff members has meant that it is quieter in the offices. And it has also meant that lots of changes are happening. Because all of the departing staff members held administrative portfolios, we are taking the opportunity to restructure and reorganize those portfolios. We expect to have an Acting Director of Finance and Administration on board in August to both take on some of those administrative duties and help us with some of that restructuring. We are also very aware that many things are not being attended to fully during this transition. We so appreciate your patience and grace as we go through these changes. 

If you have contributed to our Close the Gap campaign, we are enthusiastically grateful! It is likely that there will be a delay on some of the processing of those pledges. If you are planning to come by 1019 (our Unity Temple Community Center) for any reason during the week, please check to make sure a staff person will be here to help you.

Meanwhile, for all of our history, there are many wonderful things happening at Unity Temple. We have a great summer worship lineup, which includes both guest speakers from some community partners, congregational members, and our ministers, not to mention beautiful music. We have community hours post-services in which to connect in person. We have Mindful Reflections, and Soul Connection and Faith in Action opportunities, and so on and so forth. 

As always, we look forward to connecting with you and to helping you connect with one another.