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The UTUUC Member Auction


Building relationships through the 2019 member auction

      1) Have a bunch of FUN

       2) Raise a bunch of MONEY

       3) Make a bunch of new FRIENDS

Please welcome our new auction co-chairs, Paul Beckwith & Mila Tellez

  • Have a bunch of fun developing ideas for donations. Auction team members can help you brainstorm & find partners to organize an event with you.
  • Help the congregation raise a bunch of money to support the wonderful ministries of Unity Temple - Religious Education, Music, Faith Development, the Immigration and Refugee program and many more.
  • Make a bunch of new friends through events and services donated by other members. The relationships you build will enrich your life.


Please mark your calendar:

Develop donation ideas - Now through January
Auction activities - February
  • Kick-off: Sunday, February 10
  • On-line bidding: Sunday – Wednesday, February 10– 20
  • ‘Win-It-Now’ option: Sunday – Wednesday, February 10-13
  • Close-out sale:  Friday – Sunday, February 22-24