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Refugee Response Team

An emerging team of Unity Temple members gathered on November 14 to attend a workshop with RefugeeOne, the leading refugee resettlement program in Chicago.

We have raised the funds needed to sponsor our first family through RefugeeOne. The O'Connor family will be the primary sponsoring family, and the Walker family will provide support, as needed, along with members of the Immigration Team and all who are interested to contribute assistance, as needed. We are hoping to raise funds to sponsor one or two more families this year, with the primary sponsorship going to the Walker family, and to another family at UT.

We will be providing the refugee family with basic household items and will welcome them at the airport and with a meal on their first night. Then, the primary sponsoring family will provide weekly visits to support the family in whatever way they need. With the funds we raise, RefugeeOne will take care of the family’s rent for three months, and provide case management for ESL and job training, as well as provision of social services. We will continue to keep you posted as plans evolve.

At this time we do not know when the first family will arrive. Once we are notified, we will have 2-3 weeks before their arrival to gather needed items. If you have questions or want to express your interest to help, please contact Lurana at: