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The UTUUC Member Auction

The UTUUC Member Auction is our biggest fundraising event and a great way to build community within the congregation.

In preparation of the 2019 Auction here are answers to your many questions regarding bidding:

Who is eligible to bid during the auction?

Members of UTUUC are eligible to bid on all items.  As always, non-members are welcome to attend events as the guest of a member, and will also be eligible to buy physical items at coffee hour sales.  

How do I place a bid?

The auction features live online bidding at When you log in, you will be able to see bidding activity on auction items and place bids for items you are interested in. Items with bids will have a list indicating “other” for each person that has bid, and the amount bid by each person. To bid, click on “Place Bid” and enter the quantity and amount for each item, seat etc. Once you bid, you will be able to see where your bid falls in the list. Your bid will show up under “you” in the list.

If you prefer, a paper bid form can be submitted at the auction table on Sundays, faxed, or sent through the US mail to the Unity Temple office.  Paper bids will be processed as soon as possible.

Note: you will have more information to make a competitive bid if you log in to the online auction catalog and bid online. This also allows you to monitor your bid throughout the auction.

Can I get a paper copy or a PDF of the catalog?

Yes.  While we are working hard to “green” the auction, paper copies are available by request.  Please stop by the auction table or send an email request to the auction team at A PDF copy of the catalog will be on the auction page of Unity Temple’s website at

How are bids processed?

During the first five days of the auction, items that are bid at the Win It Now price or above will be sold to those bidders while supplies last.

After the Win It Now option has expired, remaining items and offerings are awarded to the highest bids until the item is sold out. In the event of a bidding tie, the highest and earliest-entered bid is awarded the item. Please note that online bids are processed immediately, but paper bids need to be entered manually before they are processed in the system. The auction team will enter paper bids into the system as soon as possible.

How do I log in to the online catalog at

To log in to enter the telephone number you have on file with UTUUC (all 10 digits with dashes), and your PIN - which is initially set to the last 4 digits of your telephone number.  After your initial log in, you may want to customize your PIN by using the Edit function.

The online catalog at doesn’t recognize my telephone number or PIN.  What should I do?

Be sure you have used dashes in your telephone number (e.g., 708-123-4567), you have entered all ten digits, and that you are using the telephone number on file with UTUUC. Remember, you may have used a cell phone number instead of home phone number when your profile was set up. Also, you may be in the system as part of a couple; possibly your couple profile uses your partner’s phone number. If you continue to have problems, please contact the auction team at If you would like to use a different telephone number or PIN, you can edit your profile after you have logged in to the website.

The system would not let me bid. Why?

When the auction system is not “live,” the Place Bid button will not show on the screen by the item description. The system is not available for bidding for a few days between the end of bidding and the start of the Second Chance sale, and after the completion of the Second Chance Sale. However, you can still log in any time to browse the catalog and to see your statement. 

What is a bidder number and how do I get one?

A bidder number is what activates your online bidding capability and is automatically assigned by the system to members who are in good standing with UTUUC. If you are a member, and have found your record in the system, but it doesn’t have a bidder number, look to see if you are in the system as a couple with your partner. If you still don’t have a bidder number, please contact the team at for troubleshooting.

Do I need to provide payment information to the auction team? 

As of the 2018 auction, members will be able to make credit card payments through Realm; with a check; or using payment information on file with the office. If you want to have the office process your payment with an account on file, please contact the bookkeeper to be sure your account information is up to date. Otherwise, you can use a credit card directly in Realm or send a check to the office.

How do I increase the amount of my bid?

You can rebid by clicking on “Place Bid.” Important: The new bid replaces your prior bid. 

Can I bid on additional seats for a bid I have already made? 

Yes. To bid on additional seats, bid for the total amount of seats you now want, as any bid you make replaces your previous bid for any given item. For example, if you have already bid on two seats and wish to add a seat, bid on three seats. Please note that your standing in the queue may change when you rebid to add seats.

What is Win It Now (WIN)?

Win It Now (WIN) is the option to buy catalog items outright at a fixed premium price.  This option is only available during the first 5 days of the bidding period.

If I bid during the first 5 days of the auction does it HAVE to be a Win It Now (WIN) bid?

No.  Early bids can be “traditional” bids, Win It Now (WIN) bids, or any combination thereof. 

Can I bid more than the Win It Now (WIN) price during the time that WIN bids are accepted?

Yes. Any bid that is at or above the Win It Now price for an item and received during the first five days of the auction will be sold while supplies last. These transactions will be listed in the “Items Purchased” section of your online auction statement.

My bid is not listed? Why?

If you placed a Win it Now bid, your item will show up as a purchase on your online auction statement. Since it is finalized, it will no longer appear as a bid.

If you placed a “traditional” bid and don’t see it, you have been overbid and have lost your place in the queue. If you are still interested in the item, you may bid again by selecting “Place Bid” and increasing your bid amount.   

Why can’t I find an auction item in the catalog?

Items that have been sold out are removed from catalog viewing during the auction.

How do I find out what items I have won?

After the auction, access your statement at    This link is also available year-round on the auction page of the UT website. The statement will show all your winning items and will contain addresses for the events/dinners that you have won with a link to a Google map to the host’s address. This statement will also show any donations you made including the telephone numbers of participants attending an event you are hosting. Your current statement and prior years’ statements are available at any time through the website.

What happens if I cannot attend an event - is my seat transferrable?

Hosts welcome substitute guests who are members of the congregation provided they are given adequate notice regarding the change.  It is important for you to discuss any changes with your host, so they can make appropriate arrangements (such as inquiring about food allergies, etc.).

I need another seat for an event I’m attending or want to attend an event I did not bid on, and the auction is closed.  What should I do?

Contact the host to see if they can accommodate another guest. However, please remember, donors are not obligated to add more seats to their events if it is not convenient for them. If an additional seat/offering is obtained, contact the auction chairperson at to arrange payment of the Win It Now price for the event. Your donor host is not expected to collect payment.

When and how do I get my winning items from the auction?

Items may be picked up at the Auction Celebration coffee hour, unless other arrangements have been made between the donor and winning bidder. Finalized statements will also be available at this time and are accessible year-round at

Interested in helping??  There are many ways, large and small, that you can help. Please email us at or visit us during Coffee Hour.
Your Auction Team: Barbara Heskett, Laura Reeb, Corinne Rohr, Jerry Seeber, Tracy Welin, Susan Huizinga, Connie Strait, Julia Ryan, Ruth Babcock, and Ralph Earlandson.